Hutong Love

Hutong Love by Sujuhyte
Hutong Love, a photo by Sujuhyte on Flickr.

A picture taken in my 2-day Photography workshop over the past weekend. For our photo shoots we focused on life in the Hutongs (the traditional courtyard homes in beijing) as well as Temple Life by visiting a big Buddhist Temple in Beijing (Lama temple). Trying to take my photography to the next level requires practice, practice, practice.. but I feel it's slowly starting to pay off. Stay tuned for more pics soon =)

Along the Karakoram Highway


Along the Karakoram Highway, a set on Flickr.

Our second stretch in the Xinjiang Adventure took us on the Karakoram Highway to Karakul lake and Tashkurgan, close to the Pakistani border. We met with some pretty harsh weather conditions, some pretty fantastic people (e.g. Abhidi who hosted us in his Kyrgyz Yurt/Hut at the Karakul lake, and invited us over to visit his kids, wife and mother in the countryside) and some pretty amazing scenery.

Colors of Kashgaria


Colors of Kashgaria, a set on Flickr.

Our adventure trip to Xinjiang in the May Holiday of 2012. Kashgar was the first stop on the route to Karakul, Tashkurgan, Yarkant and Hetian, all part of the ancient Southern Silk Road. Highlights of Kashgar: Livestock market, the old city, Sunday Market, Old City Hostel.